11)  Monkey Forest – Bali

11) Monkey Forest – Bali

In Bali we saw interesting things and places, but the most memorable experience was when we visited these monkeys in the forest. They roam free but in a certain location one can get very close to them. It’s moments like these when you are so engrossed that minutes and hours fly by without you noticing. It was amazing to watch their daily life. The monkeys do everything so much like us humans, the young play while the elderly sit and ponder life and all its nuances. Motherhood involves providing food and make sure the babies don’t harm themselves, while the male protects the family if he feels a threat is on the horizon. Their movements, characteristics and looks are so much alike to us humans in some ways. What made this moment so special was the connection I felt, a connection I continually search for and love, the connection between me and nature. Here it was in its purest form. A link between me and other animals. Not that I haven’t seen monkeys before, but to be able to watch them wild and free and so much like us, was unforgettable.