8)  Nairobi – Kenya

8) Nairobi – Kenya

We met this little guy in a kindergarten for disabled children in the Korogocho slum in Nairobi. With a disfigured face and with his fingers burned off, there he sat and ate Ugali, a tasteless porridge made from cornmeal. As I sat there and could think of nothing but his deeply troubled life, the teacher came over and changed my way of thinking with just a few words. She said he was extremely lucky, not only for staying alive, but to have arrived to a place that provided him with clothes, housing and food. Luck is relative and the attitude towards life is in your own hand. To be able to focus on the positive is a choice that can help immensely in life. When I came, I saw this boy and his terrible story. When I left, I said goodbye to a winner. He had faced death and won.