The Moment Activation Process (MAP) is created and managed based on our client's choice of focus for each session.

We provide private coaching sessions, in-person and remotely via secure methods, for client´s on their path to; 

  • Align their passion, strengths, and resources to stand stronger during uncertain times.

  • Understand their options and responsibility before taking the steps, leading to more significant achievements.

  • Demonstrate courage with well prepared and purpose-driven actions to maximize their full potential.









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Our long-term client´s are offered the chance to come to Iceland on a customized and private coaching journey in nature, on the paths of Vikings, discovering all the elements of heart, traveling on a powerful and comfortable 4x4 Jeep. 

These are the main attractions on our paths, based on your choices:

  • Geothermal hot spring areas

  • Glacier walks and mountain views

  • Farms and villages

  • Black sand beaches

  • Waterfalls

  • Lakes

Moment ehf.

Iceland / Reykjavík

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