Moment - Global Crisis Leading to Creativity

We have come to the time of presence on our planet were living in the moment, in a peaceful, prosperous, and healthy manner, is perhaps the most significant outcome a person can seek. Although, the people and foundations of societies are looking with a tearful glimpse at their former existence from a perspective of pure hope for survival as the chance is not the same as before. The spiral of our economy has gone out of control, and in most cases, the priorities are no longer about keeping our positions on the corporate ladder or high green on the financial markets. Instead, it is about being above ground, breathing, with food to eat and work to attend to.


History shows us that from the time of the Icelandic Age of settlement, many epidemic waves have come, and some stayed for years, leading to high mortality rates, depressions, and recessions. In addition, our ancestors had to deal with the cold and harsh weather conditions that followed living in Iceland. Now the roughness and beauty of our powerful country are drifting fast apart as we have walked far from the paths of our ancestors. We may feel the fresh, cold air and water like never, and some share the gratitude for the milestone of having a shelter called home and food on the table. Others not as graceful, wondering what will happen, looking for the persistence of the past while trying to stand in the blowing wind, wanting to believe in the potential of this all. 


Not even a traveler from abroad is today visible on the streets of Reykjavík. Once a symbol of fortune but fast became a serious sign of being aware and safe. We gained enormously from the growth in the travel industry over the last decade. Being an island offering one´s in a lifetime adventure was our greatest marketing achievement. To date, the global COVID-19 threat in the environment is already impacting all industries in our country. The Icelandic people and corporations are dealing with painful changes in uncertainty. Thankfully, the healthcare industry in Iceland is one of a kind regarding the individuals that stand the shift without stopping, against this life-threatening and challenging virus. Sadly, to say, our government has not paid enough attention to the importance of these people that are engaged continuously to heal and protect us. We are, after all, a small country with just a few inhabitants. Most certainly, the leaders of our nation cannot with ease lead their close ones to the ground for a reason within their preventive control. Life is a choice, and the flow of resources is all around. 


Across the world, we see time has stopped without any warning and the links between our journeys leading to suffocating isolation and deaths in many cases. All we wanted was to feel the freedom of seeing the world, to embrace the next person while sharing the bliss and enjoying the labor of tomorrow dollar, no strings attached. The unique essence of our beautiful nature has, for too long, been overcast with the competition of greed and hostility leading to this point. Talking about being right and wrong but blessed while looking to the sky with hands above is not enough. 


We, humans, have often put our success with more weight than the purpose of the generations still to be born. Our earth is right now telling us a passionate story about its limits but also full potential. There is no victory for the leaders today when they say, “told you so.” They should start listening and responsibly using their power with an open heart and mind, intrigued to understand what presence stands for, without putting a price to it for the future. 


In Iceland, we are currently, like the rest of the world, going back to the living basics, either to be in isolation alone or with our families and friends. There has been enormous focus in our society to be accountable for one another, to minimize the spread of the virus, by standing away with a safe distance. Yet we are aware that so many need to feel the supportive touch of a person to be here for another day. Therefore, new solutions and services are emerging rapidly in Iceland, fueled by creativity and harmony of the soul. For this moment, that is all we have.



The author of this Iceland narrative is Arnar M. Ottósson