MOMENT is currently one of the most used buzz words on the planet, yet only few people truly understand it´s great meaning and appreciate the opportunity that it brings. We´re all constantly seeking to grow, and become or have something more (money, love, wealth, health and things).  That’s one of the cornerstones driving the world’s economy in addition to our need to feel unique and connected. 


Our main purpose at MOMENT is to; 

  • Support individuals (Coachees) on their quest to review and find their true identity and vision, their inner “WHO”, which is then built from their personal traits (strengths), passion and values. We are also discovering through the conversation what motivates you to take action (or not) “WHY”.

  • Guide teams/groups of people to explore every benefit of accepting their joint responsibility for the corporation’s success while enjoying the process or as simply said “HOW” they do business.

  • Aligning the employee’s personal passion and strengths with the formal daily activities and KPI´s (Key Performance Indicators) that are believed to be the main reason for the existence of the corporation.


My responsibility as your Executive Coach and Guide through nature is to ask valuable questions and provide the right content, best insights, tools, wisdom, framework, ideas and feedback.  

Founder & Manager

Arnar Már Ottósson​

Executive Coach (ICF)

Tour Guide / Photographer


Tel: +354 -8543232

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